CAMP NINE PAVILLION - Lolo Creek Steakhouse 

This building is dedicated to The Holt Family and The Heritage Foundation for preserving history and for continuing to have such a positive impact on our community.

The "Camp Nine" Steakhouse Pavillion is the newest addition to the Lolo Creek Steakhouse compound and it functions as a shady respite for guests waiting to be seated in our main dining room and those who just want to catch the sunset with a few appetizers.  The “Camp Nine” namesake honors one of the last known timber man camps in Western Montana.  The Anaconda Lumber Company camps were abundant in 1930's and by the late 40's they were scant.  The original Camp Nine camp was located at the south end of Salmon Lake (~40 miles northeast of Lolo, nestled along the Clearwater River between the majestic Mission and Swan Mountain Ranges), the buildings and written history of which have been preserved by The Heritage Foundation near Seeley Lake.  

We hope you enjoy your experience at The Camp Nine Pavillion and The Lolo Creek Steakhouse.

-The Grunow Family

For photographs and more information on what life was like in ALC “Man Camps,” please visit:  To View Photos