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Our Steakhouse

Our Grill

The grill is approximately 4×8 and can cook up to 100 steaks or assorted seafood, chicken and pork dishes.

The grill was custom built in 1987 and was updated in 1995 to accommodate the increase in number of diners visiting the steakhouse. Our grill is beautifully constructed of Montana Stone and Wrought Iron.

Items traditionally produced from wrought iron include horseshoes, railway couplings and ornamental ironwork.

Wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale.


Our Forest

We use locally cut Larch logs and are currently supplied by Plum Creek Timber. Plum Creek’s history in Montana began in 1945 when D.C. Dunham moved his lumber mill to Columbia Falls, Montana from the banks of Plum Creek in Bemidji, Minnesota.

We buy the wood by the logging truck load and it is delivered to the steakhouse property where it is stockpiled and split.


Our Wood

We burn 100% Larch (aka Tamarack Pine or Western Larch). It is the only pine that goes dormant in the winter months.

Larch are the pine trees on the hillsides that turn colors in the fall and return to green needles in spring.

Larch burns extremely hot and with little pitch and odor…great firewood.

We cut and plot the logs in the logging area above the steakhouse. We usually split 8-10 cords at a time. We are currently splitting every other Monday and are using about 7-10 truckloads per year.


Our Chefs

We have 3 grill-chefs  all of which are capable of cooking for 120-150 orders at a time. (Individually)

We fire up the grill everyday by 3pm and are ready to cook by 5pm. It is started with a propane “torch” and some wood kindling.