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Great steak and Crab.
brittany cramm via - May 15, 2022
Best steakhouse in missoula area.
Audrina Stark via - May 10, 2022
Fun. Great evening. Great service.
Gene Griffith via - May 9, 2022
We’ve been here twice, and both times my husband ordered a medium rare steak that came out very rare. He had to have it cooked some more twice the first time we came, and the second time it was still pretty rare when it came back out but he chose not to send it back again so that he didn’t spend our whole time there with no steak. Th ... read more
Danielle Goddard via - May 9, 2022
Delicious steak every time. Even when I order it medium - well.
Miha Chahon via - May 6, 2022
Very friendly staff. Even met the owner. He even gave us some insight to his design for some of his vodka bottles. Very cool.
Crookedfly via - Apr 27, 2022
The best steak I have ever had! Cooked perfectly right over a wood fire grill. Staff is very friendly and energetic. I live 3 hours away and was in town for the day and wanted a steak. This place will not disappoint. Will be back. Highly recommend ... read more
Donavin Arellano via - Apr 24, 2022
Waitress was a little slow and 2 tables came in after and were served BEFORE us.
Dina Morigeau-Anderson via - Apr 24, 2022
I haven't had a good steak since I moved to the PNW. I was in Missoula for work and someone suggested Lolo Creek. The Porterhouse did not disappoint and the service was great. Thanks for scratching the itch.
Robert Glenn via - Apr 23, 2022
Best steak in years. Service and atmosphere spectacular ... read more
Cheryl Bartro via - Apr 20, 2022
Best in the area
A wonderful place for Easter Dinner. Great food, nice amviance, excellent service and interesting decour. The walls are hand-hewn logs, animal decorations.and a very proficiant service staff. My wife and I both had the Lolo Steak, cooked to prefection. The menu is filled choices and the service exceptional.
Elmer P via - Apr 19, 2022
Absolutely the best steak I've ever had. Great crab legs too. The staff if fabulous.
Donna Cleary via - Apr 10, 2022
Super Greta experience,awesome service. Wonderful people and good food..
Philip Habegger via - Apr 10, 2022
The steak was excellent. Perfectly cooked and full of flavor. Service was spot on as well.
Valeria Piercy via - Apr 3, 2022
Always excellent!
Todd Wilson via - Mar 27, 2022
Quick drive from Missoula. Dinner and drinks were excellent. Great service.
christie dean via - Mar 26, 2022
Better than Texas Roadhouse, Longhorns by far. The rib eye was delicious, juicy, pink on the inside, and light-colored on the outside. A must do when in town.
Scott Tran via - Mar 23, 2022
Fantastic steakhouse! Great steaks, atmosphere, drinks, and a really nice wait staff. Definitely worth a stop in.
Kevin Harbour via - Mar 23, 2022
A very authentic old time steak house experience - prices are great for the value, too. The appetizers were decent, the salads were very steakhouse (cold and soaked in dressing, amazing), but the steaks... massive and amazing. I'm taking all visiting family here.
Adam Voorhees via - Mar 21, 2022
Wonderful steak cooked to perfection every time!
Wonderful steak cooked to perfection every time!
Julie Richter Worley via - Mar 6, 2022
The environment is solid in here but the food is just above average.... I'd say worth a visit but probably not going back any time soon if I'm paying.
Barett Snider via - Mar 3, 2022
Food was excellent - my steak was cooked perfectly.
Terri Phillips via - Feb 25, 2022
A little pricey,, but everything is nowadays. Steak was cooked well. Halibut steak was yummy! Shrimp and crab cooked well. Good, friendly service, but the salad tasted moldy and old. Maybe hand prepared fresh salad would be a better option than the store bought bag salad.
mattlinda allen via - Feb 25, 2022
Good steak ... read more
Dr. J via - Feb 17, 2022
Great food, sometimes gets a little bit busy, but you can go to the distillery to waste time.
Nick Anderson via - Feb 16, 2022
The food and service was impeccable.
Marybeth LaDrig via - Feb 13, 2022
Absolutely the best steak house. Delicious food and cooked to perfection. Very nice atmosphere and friendly staff.
jennifer may via - Feb 11, 2022
Great food and staff. I would have given a 6 star, but, for wait.
Eric Greb via - Feb 6, 2022
Everything was wonderful but the steak. I don't know what's going on but the steak tasted like dirty dish water. I'm sorry but you need a new cook ... read more
Cody Salzer (Oi-Oi!) via - Feb 6, 2022
The service was amazing from beginning to end, the food and time of the courses was amazing and made it a really enjoyable experience!!
Jacquelyn Anderson via - Feb 4, 2022
A wonderful place to have a steak dinner. The dinning area decor is rustic and we received exceptional customer service. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!
Sheila Obrien via - Feb 1, 2022
AWESOME service with amazing food!our go to spot as often as we can
AWESOME service with amazing food! our go to spot as often as we can ... read more
Brett Schreyer via - Jan 26, 2022
It was good. Pricey. Service good.
Ken-Michele Cole via - Jan 24, 2022
Always delicious food, amazing service, and incredible atmosphere!
Straight 6 Archery via - Jan 18, 2022
Good food although higher priced. Nice ambiance for a Montana steakhouse. Excellent drink menu for cocktails while you wait for dinner. Only negative is no reservation system. A restaurant of thisnsize doing the volume of business I have seen, has to offer reservations even if only for large parties. We waited 1.5 hrs for a party of ... read more
tim wilhelm via - Jan 16, 2022
Always good, fast service.
Pat Sheridan via - Jan 11, 2022
The best stakes money can buy. Friendly comfortable atmosphere. In a word: ideal.
Wyatt Winters via - Jan 8, 2022
Consistently good!
Dan Hoheim via - Jan 1, 2022
The steakhouse has been great the past few years, and tonight has been no exception. Great food, great staff, and great atmosphere. Be prepared to wait, especially at opening, but it is worth it.
Mike Putnam via - Jan 1, 2022
A super spot for a Christmas celebration. The staff are great and the food is excellent.
Peggy Miller via - Dec 24, 2021
Always a great atmosphere, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better steak.
Andy Duram via - Dec 24, 2021
Delicious and they cooked the steak exactly how I asked.
Kayla Mae via - Dec 22, 2021
Brett Humphrey via - Dec 18, 2021
Favorite place to eat in the Missoula area. The staff the food has no words to describe the effort put into this establishment and great service.
Randy Talksabout via - Dec 17, 2021
We usually have a wonderful dinner but last nite not so much 12/05/21 it was my husband's birthday we both ordered the porterhouse steak one of the most expensive on the menu and it was very tough, it was very chilly outside we were sat in the center section as you come in the door and it was cold especially when the door opened whic ... read more
Nettie Fuller via - Dec 6, 2021
Good food, good service. Casual atmosphere.
Carol Jean Marine via - Nov 30, 2021
Delicious, perfectly cooked steak. A must visit for any steakhouse lover. Best steakhouse in Montana in my opinion.
Jordan McIntyre via - Nov 29, 2021
The steak was cooked perfectly for both of us. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was very "Montana".
Mina Morley via - Nov 28, 2021
Absolutely delicious ribeye! Definitely recommend this steakhouse ... read more
Julie Inthavong via - Nov 19, 2021
These folks have really stepped it up. Live music and dance floor every Saturday and amazing food.
Melody Shaw via - Nov 12, 2021
Wonderful. Some trucker parking, if not packed. Got good steak & crab legs.
Two chez via - Nov 2, 2021
steak and king crab. steak so tender melts in your mouth so good!
steak and king crab. steak so tender melts in your mouth so good!
Marites P Sabatini via - Oct 24, 2021
Absolutely love this place! The food is absolutely excellent. The presentation is great, the quality and cuts of meat is perfect as is the execution on doneness (Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium etc). The price of the plates isn't too bad for a high quality steak house. You will spend some money on drinks, but that's because they are reall ... read more
James Mapledoram via - Oct 24, 2021
See food, eat food, get more food.
93Vaqueros via - Oct 17, 2021
Got there as they opened. Thank goodness because there was a line at the front door for them to ope
Got there as they opened. Thank goodness because there was a line at the front door for them to open. We were sat right away. They brought a dish of fresh veggies with ranch dressing before they took your order. I found that to be a nice touch. Drinks were brought and dinner to follow. Our meals and service were great and we took des ... read more
Tracey Reynolds-Caudell via - Oct 11, 2021
One of the best steak house experiences ever! Food was fantastic!
Mary Howell via - Oct 11, 2021
Great food, extremely expensive - you can do better in Missoula.
S K via - Oct 8, 2021
Great food great service. Everybody is treated the same, great.
Louise Martinez via - Oct 8, 2021
Underrated…best steak I’ve ever had ... read more
Drew Ameden via - Oct 7, 2021
Love the food. Staff is amazing and beautiful setting. Our favorite place to eat at 😋❤️
Love the food. Staff is amazing and beautiful setting. Our favorite place to eat at 😋❤️ ... read more
Karen E Jones via - Oct 4, 2021
Great place to enjoy an evening with family and friends, food was great and so were the drinks
Great place to enjoy an evening with family and friends, food was great and so were the drinks ... read more
Doug Mcmullin via - Oct 3, 2021
Really good ribeye steak 🥩. I split it with my mom and they served it on separate plates for us. The servers were great, very pleasant and easy to talk to. Wish they had some covid rules in place for the workers. But we chose to wear our masks.
Laura Commeree via - Oct 1, 2021
The food is always delicious and beautifully presented. This is a great place for a wonderfully cooked steak 🥩. Their desserts are really good as well.
Brenda Jones via - Sep 29, 2021
Was awesome , Hanging with family Dean Myron and Kevin K
Was awesome , Hanging with family Dean Myron and Kevin K ... read more
Jim Wilkins via - Sep 28, 2021
Great food, excellent service.
Dominic Beccari via - Sep 26, 2021
Great food and Montana decor. Be sure to go up to the distillery for dinks and an amazing view! 1 star off because they confused our name with another and never called us for a table. They could have apologized with a drink.
Jen Pollard via - Sep 24, 2021
If you want a real Montana experience then go to the Lolo Steakhouse. Get there early as it gets packed quickly. The food and service were outstanding.
W. Dennis Percevecz via - Sep 22, 2021
Great food!!
Laura Lutgen via - Sep 20, 2021
It might be in the middle of nowhere but it is straight uptown cuisine. The porterhouse was melt in your mouth, as was the filet and the sirloin. I can’t even recommend one side over the others. They were equally delicious! Get any or all! Note to visitors— The steakhouse does not that reservations and they fill up nightly. The trick ... read more
Jan Visger via - Sep 20, 2021
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